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Best of the web: Michael Jackson’s auction

From weird to tacky, Jacko had it all!

YOURS FOR $100. One of the items listed on the auction website is a custom Peter Pan chair. Inscribed on the back: "To Michael, from the family of Love." Credit:

Ever wondered how fucked-up “The King of Pop” truly is? Just take a gander at what crazy cuckoo personal objects he was going to auction at Julien’s (cancelled due to legal issues apparently). When you go through the catalogue online it really does say a lot about this troubled superstar man-child. There are several galleries filled to the brim with prepubescent boy statues, Disney posters, silver gloves and arcade games. This could be the simple collection of Sally Struthers or an Osmond but because it’s Jackson’s there is something complex and chilling about it. You can’t just roll your eyes.

So much of the stuff is like that super tacky Christmas gift, except Michael paid six digits for his personally commissioned Hummel figurine. The most revealing piece is the knife hands worn by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s movie Edward Scissorhands. The character was a misunderstood unfinished creation.

Sound familiar?