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Best of the web: Shiantology

Questioning religion? Shiantology may be for you

Little Shia LaBeouf just makes my loins ache in the bestest way ever. I seriously get a boner every time I see images of the boy. Mon sex dwarf amore is always scruffy looking, sweating in his fake vintage T-shirt, genetically attached Parliament Lights in one hand, can of Arizona Ice Tea clutched in the other.

Because of several recent drunken car crashes his driver’s licence has been taken away for a year. The multi-millionaire movie star boy is walking the streets of LA. He’s a cute messiah of nothing in particular and the paparazzi follows his every move.

Shiantology is an extremely witty site devoted to Mr LaBeouf. There are innumerable “Shia Walking Posts,” ultra-amusing “Fan Art” (LaBeouf as Jesus or Shiva) and “Shia-Style” (Kawasaki cap, tribal back pack and broken finger).

“Find yourself questioning religion? Not sure which path to take? Scared to death by Tom Cruise?

“Then Shiantology may be for you.”