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Best of the web: Transtatstic pictures

Revealing, sexy and super fun set of trans fierceness

Site: Vintage Transvestism Pictures (Pre-1980)

Address: Vintage T-Girls

Vintage Transvestism Pictures (Pre-1980) is one of the most revealing, sexy and super fun set of trans fierceness I’ve ever come across. Nothing better than vintage chicks with dicks in lacy underthings and flipped-out wigs fucking and sucking their way through the 20th century.

The innumerable hand on the hips posing demands your attention and the girls’ “in your face” makeup artistry are knockout insane. You can just smell the Love’s Fresh Lemon body splash, baby oil, Dippity-Doo, Clairol bronzing powder and dirty pantyhose (and panties) in the smoke-filled air. It’s senses overload, bitches!

Note: When you go to this link you must join the group immediately. If you don’t, you won’t get to see all of the pictures available (they’re way too good to miss).