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Best Three Way nominee

Credit: BelAmi

With the Hollywood awards season finally behind us, it’s time for the gay porn industry to shine at the 2011 Erotic Video Awards, known as the Grabbys.

Formerly the Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards, the Grabbys have been celebrating the work of adult film stars for 20 years with categories such as Best Comedy (which is hilarious), Best Newcomer (which is not a pun) and Best Box Cover (which is actually just about the box cover). 

Like the Oscars, the night’s most sought-after award is Best Movie, but with 14 nominees annually, the field seems as saturated as each film’s set must have been.

One standout, however, is BelAmi’s Kris and Dolph, nominated for five awards, including Best Movie and Best Director.  The film’s star, Kris Evans, is also nominated for Performer of the Year and for the perennial favourite Hottest Cock, which has been reunified after last year’s separate cut and uncut awards. (Thank heavens.)

At six-feet-four-inches tall and big all over, the sexy European has become the poster boy for BelAmi’s horde of smooth, uncut and muscular guys.  It’s easy to understand why he’s given scenes with blond costar Dolph Lambert, who nearly matches Evans in sheer size.

Kris and Dolph begins with a banal, though beautiful, scene in front of a photographer, in which the stars are coaxed into their interactions. Some passionate kissing, stroking and a poolside relocation ultimately lead to Kris pounding his blond companion, bent over a white sofa. The two then switch positions and continue, moving to a bed and then one location after another.

The hottest scene in the movie introduces Sascha Chaykin and thick, juicy slices of watermelon. The trio laughs and plays with the fruit, licking any body part that it touches. It’s the way the nude Chaykin touches the wet red fruit to his own body then Evans’ and Lambert’s, the eye contact and the slow progression toward fucking that make the scene such a highlight. 

All three have immaculate bodies, well proportioned and maintained, and bring real passion to a scene that could have been lost in an already outstanding movie. The scene is nominated for Best Three Way and nearly steals the show from Evans and Lambert, an accomplishment that is both richly deserved and hard to believe.