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Better sex with Midori

Sex positive workshops help unlock your inner kink


You want to be dominant but feel ridiculous in leather. Your bondage skills are so poor that you’re soon weeping while your partner lies there looking like something dredged up from the seafloor. When cock gets anywhere near your throat, you end up with tears streaming down your face and your mouth sounds like a much-abused toilet desperately trying to flush. 

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to sex, but it would be difficult to improve on Midori’s sex workshops. The internationally acclaimed sex educator is visiting Ottawa to give three not-to-be-missed classes at Venus Envy.

The first session, The Art of Feminine Dominance, is for people of any gender “who harbour the powerful feminine within” and want to become better dominants. One thing the course teaches is that it’s important to get over “good-girl messages” (how society wants you to behave: kind, polite and cute) but not to feel obligated to become a crop-wielding, leather-clad, stereotypical dominatrix. “It’s not a uniform. What you wear is not the source of your power,” Midori says. “Your clothing should make you happy and confident.” 

Hands-On Rope Bondage gives a taste of what Midori offers at Rope Bondage Dojo, her two-day intensive seminar offered in San Francisco and Washington, DC. Attendees will learn the basics of rope play, from safety to memorable techniques. “People make the mistake of thinking that the more complicated the rope looks, the more legitimate it is,” she says. “I teach that it’s not about the rope, but needs and desires. If your technique is complicated but you’re both bored, what’s the point?” 

Joystick Secrets is about sucking cock. People of all genders and orientations will practise their sucking, licking and swirling skills on fruit. Special attention will be paid to combating that pesky gag reflex. Midori shares the following tip: “If your chin is down, closer to your chest, that creates a bad angle, so you want to lengthen your neck. If you’re on your knees in front of him, instead of having your knees right up against his feet, just scooch back and it automatically lengthens your neck.”