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Beware the ramifications of Obama’s budget

It was a pretty slow news day – so much so that all anyone could seem to talk about was the American budget. Of course, this does have Canadian ramifications in that there’s now the possibility for 13 new Buy America/Buy American (and they are different) clauses to come into existence. I’ll try to talk to Scott Brison about what this means later in the week.

The only other real story was the follow-up to the greenhouse gas targets that Jim Prentice submitted on the weekend, and that Prentice told the tar sands producers that they have to do a better job, but hey – he’s not exactly offering them concrete legislation or regulations. Because apparently we have to wait for the Americans before we can “harmonize” with them, even though their legislation still isn’t in place yet and may be radically amended before that even happens. But hey – “Made in Canada” plan, remember?

Michael Ignatieff says that a Liberal government will create a childcare program, no matter the size of the deficit, whenever they return to power. “We’ll find the money,” he says. Which is good to hear on the one hand, but on the other, I think he’s just written the next phase of Conservative attack ads.

And finally, that whole Rights and Democracy saga gets even more troubled – employee suspensions in advance of open letters in the media, and the Conservative appointees continually trying to impugn the name of the head of the organization who recently passed away. It really does make one wonder just what is going on there.

Up today – The Liberal roundtable du jour is on international development, hosted by MPs Glen Pearson and John McKay.
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