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Beyoncé sold her soul to be Beyoncé

Here’s Beyoncé during her Super Bowl halftime performance giving the illuminati triangle symbol with her hands. Bey is known for using illuminati symbolism in her videos and in photos, and it’s obvious by her constant use of this image that she’s the bitch of the demon Baphomet, who the illuminati are said to worship. 

Admittedly, I’m a conspiracy theorist who believes almost every conspiracy is true (the Nazis had a time machine!), and I spend way too much time watching “royal reptilian elite” videos on YouTube, but the illuminati conspiracy is kind of hard to deny when most of the biggest stars in show business are constantly promoting the imagery.

So yes, Beyoncé’s performance at Super Bowl XLVII was tight, but they don’t call Lucifer the angel of light, and the angel of music, for nothing. Her performance had nothing on Madonna’s halftime satanic ritual last year, but she was still diabolically awe-inspiring!

Who needs a soul when you have everything else, right?

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