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Bianca Del Rio’s razor-tongued free speech

Bianca Del Rio has reminded me why I love drag queens, and free speech. 

With a bold few lines, the provocateur has made it clear where she stands on the censorship of words like “tranny” and “she-mail."

During a performance at The Manor in Fort Lauderdale, the Season 6 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race directed her sentiments to trans contestant Carmen Carrera, who publicly came forward to condemn the reality show for objectifying trans women with some of its rhetoric. Soon after, Logo decided to censor the term “she-mail” from further broadcasts of Drag Race.

“There’s all this madness about shit we can say and shit we can’t say, and I’m sure most of you saw on Twitter today that Ru was speaking her mind,” Del Rio told the crowd. “And I think this is actual proof — I’m a man in a dress, and if it brings out straight people, black people, Asian people, then come and fucking celebrate. It’s not that fucking serious. And let’s face it. We wouldn’t know who the fuck Carmen Carrera was if she didn’t fucking get on Drag Race. Maybe she should take what’s left of her dick and stick it in her mouth and shut the fuck up.”