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Big bands on campus

Besides the host of gay music on the Internet, don’t forget queer campus on-air radio. Not much music is featured on the gay programs from the three university stations in Toronto, but the information, is.

Give a listen, then let people at the stations know your reactions. The staff at the Ryerson and York stations specifically asked me to mention that they were trying for quality in their gay and lesbian programs – and they want feedback. I’m sure the staff at the U of T station feels the same way.

Campus radio is the place for experimentation and learning. Feedback now helps prepare for the gay professional broadcasting of the future we all look forward to.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy some serious, and some off-the-wall, listening.


Ryerson Polytechnic University; call (416) 595-1477

* Queer Noises: Wednesdays, from 2:30pm to 5 pm.

Part one is Packin’ Attitude: 2:30pm to 4pm. Music show hosted by Sheila Chevalier. Not all overtly gay or lesbian;

Part two is Inversion: 4pm to 5pm. Talk and call-in show hosted by Mitchel Raphael. Topical material, light-hearted generally, deals a lot with current events important to the gay and lesbian community.

* Black Queer Voices: last Tuesday of the month, from 7pm to 8pm. Discussion show devoted to the black gay community.

* Pink Antenna: second Tuesday of the month, from 7pm to 8pm. Commentary on gay and lesbian issues.

* Masala Mix: Saturdays from 4pm to 6pm. South Asian music and talk aimed at South Asian youth, heavy on the gay and lesbian issues facing youth.

* Arts: Monday through Friday, from 2pm to 2:30pm. Devoted primarily to the visual arts, painting through to films. Not specifically gay and lesbian, but a very high level of gay and lesbian content.

CHRY 105.5FM

York University; call (416) 736-5293

* Pride Vibes: Tuesdays, from noon to 1pm. Magazine format, topical, guests, hosted by Susanna. On the last Tuesday of every month, Pride Vibes gives way to what is informally called “Kiss And Tell,” an intense conversation between two lesbians on issues facing black women.


University of Toronto; call (416) 978-0909

* Gay Wire: Wednesdays, from 11am to noon. Hosted by Rabin Ramah, a light-hearted show devoted to fashion and the lighter side of gay life, frequent guests.

* Salon: Wednesdays from lpm to 2pm. Hosted by Monique Wier, guests discussing more serious issues confronting the gay community.

* Sex City: Wednesdays, from 2pm to 3pm. Frequent guests, topics cultural and lifestyle rather than medical. “And it’s not Dr Laura!” the producers hasten to tell me.

* Wench Radio: Sundays from 1pm to 2pm. Program presented by the U of T Women’s Centre. Not specifically lesbian, but lesbian issues come up frequently.