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An interview with the queen of Vine, TS Madison

TS Madison brings beauty and booty to Fit Primpin’.

The queen of Vine, TS Madison, is coming to Toronto for the Fit Primpin’ party. We caught up with Atlanta’s big-dick bitch to talk about transitioning, music and fantasy sex games.

Xtra: First of all, you have an amazing, award-winning butt. What’s your secret?

TS Madison: A girl never really tells her secret for her derrière, but if you must know, honey, it was one of my answered prayers: some big titties, a big butt and a smile.

How long have you been transitioning?

I have been in transition for about 20 years now, and I started very young, about 17. Times have changed, and people are far more accepting of people who have accepted themselves. I don’t hide the fact that I am a trans woman: either you’re going to deal with it or not.

Have you been to Canada before?

I have been to Canada, but I have never experienced a WorldPride. I can’t wait to be at the Toronto extravaganza because I hear it’s bomb.

I hear you’re a TV buff. Fuck/marry/kill: the cast of Game of Thrones.

I would fuck Jaime Lannister — because if the sister is having him, then the dick must be good — and I would marry Tyrion because that small dwarf will rise to power, and we all want power. Besides, he also likes whores. You can’t kill the dead, but Joffrey was the first I wanted dead.

You have your own production company, Raw Dawgg, but did you always want to get into music?

I still own my company, yes, but where is the rule that I can’t do everything? I’m a treasure that was always trapped in a chest. Although I love milking a good man, I still enjoy entertaining a crowd with my clothes on.

Do you have any stories from performing your singles onstage?

I really don’t have any crazy stories yet, but I will say the crowds have been so amazing that I have to stop and breathe before hitting the stage. It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s a ride I hope I never get off. 

Any parting words?

I just want my fans to know I love them and I mean it. I am very humble and will always continue to grow.