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Big Locks

David Hawe's new photography exhibit features bearded men in wigs

Darryl Mabey is one of the bearded models in David Hawe's new photography show. Credit: David Hawe

Big Locks is the name of David Hawe’s new series of photos, currently hung at Wayla Bar. The show consists of six gigantic head-and-shoulder shots of men in big, beautiful wigs (made by wig-master Mikah Styles). The photos don’t have the jazzy, bold colour play Hawe frequently uses in his professional work (Now, Xtra, Fab); this time he’s going all black and white on your ass . . . and it’s stunning.

“This is my first of many solo and group art exhibits I’ll be doing this year,” Hawe says. “I love wigs! My mother wore a wig every day of her life . . . so there were always lots around while I was growing up.”

The images evoke the old movie-star glamour photos of George Hurrell or even those awesome 1960s yearbook photos of bouffant teen girls that have inspired so many queer artists, from John Waters to, well . . . Every. Drag. Queen. In. The. Universe. 

“It doesn’t matter how butch a man tries to act; there’s something magical that happens once he gets a big ‘do’ put on his head . . . and the bigger the better,” Hawe says. “The eyes sparkle, a hip falls down . . . and his world gets sassy. These photos are just about that.” —Sissydude

Check out four of the beautifully coiffed lads in the slideshow above.