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Big ’n’ thick

Chicago rapper Big Dipper throws double-sized WorldPride party at the Gladstone

Chicago’s Big Dipper is so suggestive. Credit: Bryan Whitely

If country stars and pop duos aren’t your thing, don’t despair: WorldPride will also play host to Chicago queer rapper Big Dipper. The self-described cute, thick and ambitious MC is known for his sexually charged lyrics and tongue-in-cheek humour. With tracks like “Summertime Realness,” “Dick Hang Low” and “Meat Quotient,” it’s not hard to imagine what makes him so popular with listeners.

“I think the mixture of sex and humour just comes naturally to me,” BD says of his unique style. “I am in awe of artists who have the drive to push forward, make a name for themselves and do something different; that’s all I’m trying to do.”

From dropping it low with a shopping cart, in his video for “Dick Hang Low” (“It was in [director] Wayne’s garage . . . so I just pulled it out and started to dance”), to hosting dick-bounce dance contests during his live shows, BD loves what he does. The raunchy mix of overt sexuality and high energy lends itself well to unforgettable shows.

“They’re sweaty, and there is a fair amount of stripping,” he says. “I always know I’ve been successful if at the end of the show everyone is really horned up and looking to have a good time on the dancefloor.

“I’m also recruiting some local beef in Toronto to take the stage with me and dance. Basically, everyone in the place should be in their underwear dancing with me by the end.”

Beyond the goal of getting the city into its skivvies, BD is eager to take in the sights of Pride. “I’m so excited! I’ve played in Canada before but never in Toronto. I’ve never even been to Toronto, period. I really can’t wait. Can I go for a bike ride?”

He can ride our bikes any day.