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Big Roger brings Papa Party to Vancouver Pride

‘Pride is the self-confidence to be who you truly are,’ says producer Eliad Cohen

Big Roger brings Israeli producer Eliad Cohen’s Papa Party to Vancouver for Pride. Credit: Eliad Cohen
Israeli beefcake, producer and model Eliad Cohen’s Papa Party has toured the world, landing on five continents and playing everywhere from the biggest cities to smaller towns in Europe and South America. Now, Big Roger Events brings him to Vancouver for its Pride weekend lineup. 
Xtra: What is the inspiration behind the Papa Party?
Eliad Cohen: The initial inspiration for the party was to fuse the sexy and masculine energy of the Middle East with a high-energy musical experience driven by a collaboration between myself and the top DJs in the scene. 
What is Pride about for you?
Pride is the self-confidence to be who you truly are . . . To be proud of your sexual orientation is to block out any negativity, any obstacles that may stand in your way, and to move forward living an authentic life. No regrets, no shame, no turning back. Just unabashed pride in the person that you are.
What’s the craziest memory you have of one of your parties?
I think the memory that stands out most for me was being in Florianópolis, Brazil, during the last Carnival. When I walked out onstage for the Papa Party, I saw over 3,000 people stretching back as far as I could see. 

What can you tell us about the music and visuals we can expect?

You should expect the high-energy dance music that Papa has become famous for. The energy will be very positive, with lots of original remixes by one of the best DJs in the world, Isaac Escalante. He’ll keep you dancing till the lights come on. We complement the music with video and illustrative content that’s projected and displayed to heighten the experience. And being that the theme is Papa the Sailor Man, I would expect some nautical-themed visuals during the show.