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Fill up your box with awesome queer valentines

Valentine’s Day is tragically un-genderfucked, non-flaming and dismally heterosexual. Luckily, I’ve got a couple of artists who are prepared to give you and your significant other(s) an affection erection.

We’ll start with the somewhat more wholesome, though nonetheless adorable, valentines of Shira Spector. Not Your Grandma’s Valentines are cards for super-cool queer and trans kids, queer spawn and their families and friends. A particular favourite of mine is a picture of a kid in sparkly-glam outfit, proclaiming “Boys are beautiful.” Packs of Spector’s cards are available for $8.

Sissydude John Webster creates the most completely badass valentines, which he makes available on his blog each year. Previous collections include some genderqueer-ing and porn-y valentines from 2012, dirty squirt.org valentines from 2013, and a collection of cards inspired by HBO’s Girls this year, for the cynical, awkward, depressive millennial in your heart.

So whether it’s a holiday you spend with your super queer family or spreading love like you spread your legs, happy V-Day.