Charles McVety
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Bill C-389

Trans folks will cheer; conservatives and their followers will jeer.

Bill C-389 will most likely be passed as law when it is approved by the Senate and the Gov Gen in the coming days.

Of COURSE, there had to be no less than 135 to either vote against or abstain from voting for Bill C-389.

The backlash has to do with the bathroom issue. The fact that "men" will be able to go to the pool locker room and leer at little girls. Because that's fact! (sarcasm/end) I fucking hate these close calls because it reminds me that there are still some MAJER pricks out there and MAJER work to be done.

SOME PRICK minister said some shit. Read the Citizen quote below.

"This is reckless. I'm appalled," said evangelical minister Charles McVety, who has been fighting the legislation since June. "This is a dangerous, inconsiderate bill. The considerations of all Canadians were not taken into account."

McVety, along with other critics from the Campaign Life Coalition, have dubbed C-389 the "Bathroom Bill" because of their belief that it can grant male crossdressers and drag queens a legal right to use female bathrooms.

"I have a 13-year-old daughter," McVety said. "And for a man to say that he can enter into the local shower and shower with my daughter at the swimming pool is reckless."

So, you have a penis and you like to leer at little girls? How does that work? EAT_A_BAG_OF_DICKS

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