Bill Siksay
1 min

Bill Siksay talks about the end of the spring sitting

Our series of end of session interviews continues, and today I caught up with NDP MP Bill Siksay on his way out of the House after Question Period.

Q: What were the high points for you?
A: I think New Democrats got through three opposition day motions that were really important – one on EI reform, one on pension reform, and one on credit card reform. To be able to put forward as a third party some kind of an agenda in the House of Commons that is important to Canadians I think was a high point for me.

Q: And the low points?
A: Just the atmosphere in the House. I find Question Period harder and harder to take. I don’t accomplish much in my life by yelling at people, and that’s what Question Period seems to be about.

Q: Assuming that we don’t go into an election by the end of the week, what are your plans for the summer?
A: Got lots of plans for accountability sessions, meet-and-greets, and public meetings through July. I want to take some time off, get a bit of a holiday as well.