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Billy Elliot, condoms and civil unions

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Hungarian media tussles over Billy Elliot

A newspaper known as a mouthpiece for Hungary’s ruling party has published an editorial saying that the musical Billy Elliot might turn children gay. The play’s director fought back. [BBC]

The condom debate

At the New York Times this week, historian Patrick William Kelly argued that gay men are courting disaster by straying from condoms; others responded that Kelly just doesn’t understand what safe sex means today.

Oral arguments end in Philippines marriage case

As formal oral arguments wrap up in the suit to legalize same-sex marriage in the Philippines, government officials have thrown cold water on the idea that the country is ready for a change to the law.

UK straight couple gets civil union

A heterosexual couple in the UK has won the right in court to a civil union, an institution that was previously restricted to gay couples as a substitute for marriage. [BBC]

Costa Rica president orders trans rights changes

The president of Costa Rica has issued an order that transgender citizens can change their name and gender on official documents, bringing the country in line with a ruling from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. [La Prensa Libre]