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Billy Joel goes gay

Okay no, not really, just touring with piano man Elton John again, but he did inspire this impressive montage of gay history to celebrate 40 years of Pride. He didn't start the fire but it's flaming:


Yeah, that quip was terrible but hey, I'm an innocent man!  Unlike Conrad Black, who says shrill homophobe Ann Coulter is always a woman to him:

"With her long blonde hair, micro-dresses that may incite the prurient
to hope for an occasional fleeting glimpse of her underwear and
photographs on her book jackets of her in leather dresses, arms akimbo,
like a stern but voluptuous school mistress, she is…eccentric, alluring and slightly outrageous…"

Gross, Conrad — leave a tender moment alone!

Here's happier news:  in a case of blonde over blue, Peterborough police staff sergeant John Lyons dressed in drag for a diversity training event. "We're not just talking the talk," said the uptown girl, "We're walking the walk."

Honesty is hardly ever heard but New York teacher Chance Nalley is not only out to his Harlem seventh grade math class, he's invited them to his commitment ceremony.  While a couple of parents have complained, the kids are keeping the faith — even correcting the reporter by noting "he’s not gay. He’s bisexual."  See, Mr. Nalley? They love you just the way you are.

Keeping in a New York state of mind, who knew there was an awards ceremony for rentboys?  The Hookies were held at Splash this weekend.  I can't see this happening in Canada for the longest time but don't ask me why — it ain't no crime.  In the great suburban showdown, go ahead with your own life, leave them alone!

You think this gimmick is getting out of hand?  You may be right, I may be crazy.  Let's just skip right to the Brazilian underwear fashion show — shameless!


Everybody's talking 'bout the new sound — funny, but it's still rock and roll to me…