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Bird or cage?

Artist’s series depicts beautiful men with feathered friends

Good things come in threes in Provincetown. Threesomes being one, and the triple combination of the Lyman-Eyer Gallery, Paul Richmond’s War Paint paintings and Kevin Peterson’s incredible Aloft series.

The Key West-based visual artist is no stranger to incorporating gorgeous scenes of flora, fauna and beautiful men into his work. 

“One of my greatest passions, other than painting, is gardening and being part of nature,” Peterson explains on his website. “When I was growing up, my mom taught me the beauty of planting seeds, and watching them grow to become beautiful flowers . . . ever since, I was hooked. I love to paint nature, getting much of my inspiration from my own backyard.”

His Aloft series combines this love of nature and the male form in a number of paintings featuring gorgeous guys and winged counterparts. The beautiful art that gets a home in this gallery . . . I really need to get to Provincetown . . .

Richmond and Peterson’s joint show at the Lyman-Eyer Gallery is up for a little more than a week starting this Friday, for anyone hitting up P’town for some end-of-the-summer fun.