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Bisexual awareness, Tom Hardy’s revenge and porcine necrophilia

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David Cameron’s pig scandal

A new biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron alleges he stuck his “private part” in a dead pig during a club initiation ritual while a student at Oxford. Cameron’s office say they “do not recognize” the allegations.

Read more at the Guardian.

Bisexual Awareness Week

Sept 20 begins Bisexual Awareness Week, seven days to celebrate the surprisingly controversial fact that bisexual people exist. Start your celebrations at Bustle by reading about famous bisexuals in history, or popular misconceptions about bisexuals.

Tom Hardy strikes back

After a Daily Xtra reporter asked actor Tom Hardy about his sexuality in a tense press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival, Hardy has told an interviewer at Entertainment Weekly he thought the question was “inelegant” and “humiliating,” and another at the Daily Beast that “everyone is entitled to the right to privacy.”

LA gets a new gay newspaper

Veteran LGBT journalist Troy Masters is leaving Gay City News, which he founded in New York, to start a new gay newspaper in Los Angeles. Masters will publish The Pride LA, a bi-weekly newspaper, under the Mirror Media Group starting in October.

Read more at the Gay City News.

Tennessee lawmakers fight supreme court

Tennessee lawmakers have proposed a new bill they hope will reverse the US Supreme Court decision in favour of marriage equality, and return Tennessee to the days of “natural marriage.” It’s unlikely that the law would be found constitutional if it passed.

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