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Bisexual erasure, dating apps and lesbian haircuts

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Lesbian dating app secures $1-million in funding

Lesbian dating app Her (formerly Dattch) has relaunched with $1-million in funding from entrepreneurs including Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In service to the “community centred” nature of all-girl dating, the app includes newsletters and comment walls in addition to the standard mate-finding functions.

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Attorneys compete for spot in US Supreme Court same-sex marriage case

A host of national and local lawyers would very much like to be among the legal team that (almost certainly) wins the legal battle for same-sex marriage in the US Supreme Court. Unfortunately, there is only time for a few. How will they decide who gets to take the final lap?

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The revolutionary life of Edie Windsor

Edie Windsor is the 85-year-old lesbian whose court case destroyed the US Defense of Marriage Act and legitimized thousands of gay couples in the eyes of the federal government. The Daily Beast talks to Edie about her life as a gay rights revolutionary, from Stonewall to the Supreme Court.

First Person on Bisexual Erasure

On PBS’s digital series First Person, host Kristin Russo tackles bisexual erasure, talking to bisexual writer Vivek Shraya about how bisexuals find their identities dismissed inside and outside the queer community.

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Ghana threatens to arrest, interrogate gay porn actors

A prominent anti-gay lawyer and several media outlets have joined forces in Ghana to try to hunt down actors in gay porn films. The media outlets ran stories about the gay porn scene, leading the country’s Bureau of National Investigations to pursue the men with the intention of arresting, detaining and “interrogating” them. Gay rights advocates are reportedly trying to move the actors to safety outside the country.

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A tribute to lesbian haircuts

The Gay News Network’s takes a look at the history of classic lesbian haircuts, from the pixie to the quiff, including “a few years there where it became really fashionable in the lesbian community to only see out of one eye.”