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Bisexual makeup, skin cancer and 200-year-old lesbians

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Bisexual makeup tutorial

YouTuber Amy Geliebter gives a special makeup tutorial for bisexuals: “Use your favourite concealer to cover up any blemishes you may have. You want to make sure your imperfections are about as visible as the bi community.”

Pressure mounts for Australian vote on same-sex marriage

Australian minority parties in the senate are pressuring Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow his party a free vote on same-sex marriage. A Liberal Democratic senator introduced a same-sex marriage bill last year, but Abbott, who opposes same-sex marriage, has refused to have his party even vote on a caucus position.

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A 200-year-old lesbian marriage

While legal same-sex marriage may be a recent innovation for the western world, gay couples living together is nothing new. Take Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake, two women who met in Vermont in 1807 and ended up in a life-long marriage that was quietly tolerated and even supported by their neighbours. Charity and Sylvia are just one story in a new book by a University of Victoria professor about same-sex marriages in early America.

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Study: Gay men at double the risk for skin cancer

A study out of the University of California shows that gay and bisexual men are twice as likely as straight men to acquire skin cancer. The authors believe the difference is due to indoor tanning being much more popular among gay men.

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Why don’t gay men and lesbians live in the same places?

Gay men and lesbians both have their neighbourhoods, but they are seldom the same one. Why? Perhaps because gay men price lesbians out through gentrification, according to University of British Columbia professor Amin Ghaziani . . . or perhaps because lesbians just don’t want to live near so many men.

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