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Bisexual men, Tribeca and virtual reality

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Reaction to Chechnya

After reports of the arrest, detainment and torture of gay men in Chechnya, the US ambassador to the United Nations says the human rights violations “cannot be ignored.” Meanwhile, the reporter who broke the story says she fears for her life, and may have to flee Russia.

Pain and vindication for bisexual men

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, UK reality star Ollie Locke spoke about being ridiculed for coming out as bisexual. Meanwhile, an Australian researcher presented evidence that bisexual men in relationships with women were less misogynistic, and more sexually exploratory.  

A gay game designer turns to VR

Video game designer Robert Yang has been known for exploring gay sex and culture in his games. Now he’s enlisting virtual reality for even more depth.

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The queer films of Tribeca

The Advocate surveys this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, from whodunit investigation of the death of legendary “street queen” Marsha P Johnson, to the story of the gay artist known as Tom of Finland.

The disappearing lesbian bar

At the New York Times, Krista Burton grieves the disappearing lesbian bar. With more LGBT people out than ever, she wonders, shouldn’t there be dedicated spaces for them to go?