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Bitchy, gay-foodie marathon? You can’t lose

Come Dine with Me Canada premieres tonight, with a little help from veteran Xtra and fab photographer David Hawe. The show, a spinoff of the British original, follows five strangers as they take turns throwing dinner parties for each other. Then they rate each other, with the highest score taking home the $1,000 purse.

Punctured by comments like “Fuck you, Lady Low Self-Esteem,” and “We all live in glass whorehouses,” Hawe’s performance is one part bon vivant, one part enfant terrible.

From the W Network website:

A lively and entertaining half hour series that follows five strangers as they take turns creating the perfect dinner party for their fellow amateur chefs. Each dinner party host is given one night to impress their party attendees and competitors with scrumptious food, sparkling décor and stimulating conversation. At the end of the night, each diner rates the party. The very next night, it’s another mouth-watering meal at another host’s home, once again, the dinner-party marathoners rate the night. At the end of the week, the top rated host or hostess wins the reward of $1000 and bragging rights as the "host with the most."

W Network
Come Dine with Me Canada

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