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Blued, political purges and National Geographic

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National Geographic puts trans girl on the cover

Nine year old trans girl Avery Jackson will be featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine for a special feature on the “gender revolution.” Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg says that Jackson’s proud confidence embodies a global shift in the conversation about gender.

Trump cabinet a threat to LGBT employees

A key Trump advisor has recommended the incoming president fire all pro-LGBT employees in the State Department, and incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has a shady record on gay rights himself. The Advocate warns that the US federal government could be at risk of a gay purge.

Chad criminalizes gay sex

With a vote of 111 to 1, the West African country of Chad has made gay sex a crime, bringing the number of countries that criminalize same-sex sexual relations up to 77. The new crime is actually a compromise with political moderates, punishing gay sex with only a fine instead of a previously recommended prison term.

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Ma Baoli’s dating empire

Ma Baoli, a former North Chinese police officer, has built an empire around his dating app Blued. But can his business expand into the competitive international market?

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Montenegro protects Pride for EU application

Past pride parades in Montenegro have been disrupted by protests and violence, but police vigilantly protected a few dozen marchers in Podgorica on Saturday. The conservative country’s government is trying to boost gay rights to support a bid to join the European Union.

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