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Bobbing for bears

Pitbull's first-ever Caribbean cruise sets sail

All aboard Pitbull's first-ever cruise. Credit: Pitbull

All aboard the Celebrity Reflection for a week of surfing, smurfing and, of course, cruising, with your hosts Pitbull’s Francis Gaudreault and Steve Palmer. The very first in what promises to be an annual winter escape will disembark Saturday, Feb 8 for a sun-splashed tour of San Juan, St Martin and St Thomas.

“There’s a good collection of guys coming from all over Canada,” says Gaudreault, whose Pitbull brand now hosts parties in Vancouver, Montreal, Puerto Vallarta and Chicago.

“Of the guests registered so far, about 50 percent are from Toronto, and the other 50 percent are from Vancouver, Florida, New York and Newfoundland.”

Newfoundland? “Yep, there’s a large bear community in Newfoundland, and I’m really excited to meet the guys.”

Pitbull organizers have taken great pains to secure group-only parties, excursions and even premium, alcohol-included packages. Typically, large bookings work with existing entertainment and facilities offered by the cruise line, but Gaudreault wanted some personalized fun: “In St Martin, we’ll be having a private party on a secluded beach, removed from any of the tourist areas. Our own barbecue, music, booze and a daytime beach party in the Caribbean.” Sounds delightful!

Toronto comedian Richard Ryder and Vancouver’s own DJ Del Stamp will be onboard, upping the gay ante and showing the bears from all over what’s great about the Pitbull community.