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Body break with Jeremy Willard

Checking in with Jeremy: Week 12

Jeremy has renovated his life in a number of ways. Credit: Evolution Fitness

By the time you read this, my birthday will have happened and I’ll be 30 years old. My hair will be gone, my back will be bent and brittle, and I’ll have a persistent wheeze that will terrify anyone who isn’t distracted by the heartbreaking look of loss in my old grey eyes. A loss that, if it were a sound, would be that of a howling wind blowing through the rotting timbers of the collapsed family home that was the setting for all your happy childhood moments. 

Those who have already hit 30 (my editors included) will damn me as they read this. Or, at best, think me ill-informed. Well, I don’t actually think 30 is the end of joy. A lot of people have told me that one’s 30s are some of the best years. I believe this, especially given I’ve laboured to ensure they will be. 

I dislike new year’s resolutions. I think if people crave change, they should get on with making changes rather than waiting for New Year’s. I suspect that if they wait for the new year to begin working toward something, they might just put things off until the following New Year’s, and on and on, procrastinating their way to old age. 

However, I do support deadlines. This may be a tad hyperbolic, but midway through my 20s I was utterly lost. I had a drinking problem, my philosophy degree wasn’t paying off (big surprise there), I hadn’t been in a relationship for years, and — I won’t run myself into the ground by listing any more faults, except to say I was dismally out of shape. So, I decided that I wanted to fix these things by my 30th birthday. I won’t pretend I’ve sorted out everything perfectly, but I’ve renovated my life in major ways. 

To those who want to change something about their lives, I suggest getting on with it. Give it a deadline, or don’t, but start now. Don’t wait for New Year’s. It’s a bit preachy, I know, but I sort of get to do that in these fitness articles. And if one of your goals is to change your shape, Evolution Fitness is a good way to go. Pardon the shameless plug.