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Boissonneault new Pride chair

The well-sung treasurer of the 2006 Ottawa-Gatineau Pride Committee has been promoted to chair.

Gordon Boissonneault took on the new job after the Nov 21 annual general meeting that saw several board members step down. Former chair Darren Fisher, and Shaleena Theophilus have stepped down. Old board members returning include Ian McLeod, John Gazo and Marion Steele (who had previously said she would retire to knit). New and re-tread faces include trans activist Joanne Law (who served several years back), Wendy Ireland, Michele Matherin and Janice Yates.

Yates is the new treasurer, McLeod the secretary, Law the co-chair and Matherin the volunteer coordinator.

The outgoing Committee has contracted a consultant to crunch the organization’s numbers (including an outstanding accumulated debt of approximately $170,000) and work on a five-year viability plan. If the numbers don’t work, then Pride is back to having to reconsider bankruptcy and restructuring, Boissonneault told the Nov 21 meeting. The plan will be presented to the membership, probably in February.