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Bored of Rob Ford

Download a new mayoral protest song from Peaches and Betti Forde

The cover of the 'Bored of Rob Ford' single

DJ Betti Forde, aka Maren Hancock, is, in short, not a fan of Mayor Robert Bruce Ford. “He cannot lead, let alone run a city. He has declared war on social programs, bicycles and the library, and we are just done with him. Sick and tired and done.”

Hancock’s sentiments are demonstrated in a new song, “Bored of Rob Ford,” a cathartic rap ballad with kickass beats that describes the mayor of Toronto’s (many) transgressions.
Hancock says the track’s been in the works for a year. Originally meant to be a collaboration between Lady Miss Kier and a New York City producer for Toronto Pride 2012, the plans didn’t pan out because of scheduling conflicts. Recently, while working on a new project, #entertainment, Hancock was paired with DJ/producer Dislexia (Ryan Carroll) for Gay Night for Queers, at Margret bar. “With Pride approaching this year, I asked Ryan if he’d be interested in doing a Rob Ford protest song since he and I will be DJing and performing as #entertainment for Pride on June 28,” Hancock says.
After that the piece came together quickly. Carroll gave Hancock a beat on May 22, then saw Peaches at the film festival afterparty the next day. “I sang/rapped her the lyrics I had written the night before, basically screaming them at her over the music and chatter, and she agreed to do a little something on the song,” she says.

The three got together with the Hidden Cameras’ Joel Gibb, actor Michael Venus and some friends. “It was an absolute blast, and filmed the whole thing, so we’ll be dropping both a music video and a behind-the-scenes video next week — look for it!” Hancock says. “It’s going to look hilarious, I promise! And I’m not a politician, so I can keep my promises.”

The song will debut on iTunes within the week, “and all proceeds will be going to a charity that has been or would likely be affected by Rob Ford’s policies and cuts,” Hancock says. In the meantime, eager anti-Ford-nationalists can enjoy the tune on SoundCloud.
And if Hancock could say one thing to our illustrious mayor? “Exactly what Peaches says in the song: ‘This is a public cervix announcement: Rob Ford, take off eh? Ya hosehead!'”
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