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Born this gay

Some people, who usually aren’t gay, try to say that homosexuality is a choice. Even those who are gay supporters sometimes use misleading rhetoric without thinking, like by saying, “Everyone has a right to choose who they want to love.” When the truth is, they don’t. Anyone who has ever been in love knows there is very little choice involved. Some things are simply embedded in our nature, which is exactly what filmmaker Jason Bolicki attempts to prove in this video, made up of childhood home movies, where he shows that even as a child, he was reppin’ 20 gay stereotypes.

It’s a cute vid, but this little bitch has nothing on me. In one of my childhood home movies from 1998 I perform an a cappella rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.” That was the year my Christmas letter to Santa consisted of a list of Céline Dion albums . . .

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