Human Interest
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1. Who are you and why should
we care?

Josh Bouzaglou, young professional
and homophobia fighter
. [more]

Why care? Because we spend most of our
lives listening to inane people talk about stuff they don't know about…
I'm "Change we can believe in." (Shout out to Obama!)


2. Madlibs:

My gay icon is: Madonna, how
stereotypical, right?

If I were an animal i would be
a: Cat. Sleeping 12 hours a day, always landing on your feet and 9
lives is a pretty sweet deal!

My personal style philosophy is:
Black = slimming.

I think this interview will lead
to: Backlash or adoration. You pick.

3. Ever been to IBIZA?

Only that time you and I had those
digestive issues. No. But funny you should ask, it’s on my summer
2010 travel itinerary!

4. Explain

An instructional video?  

5. What's the deal with chub rub?

The bane of my existence. Honestly,
what’s worse?

6. Salty or sweet?


7. Who is the natural enemy of
the gays? Feel free to illustrate by using an image on the innernets.

The high school bully.

8. Name your number one dating
pet peeve.

Blind dates… not that I have a
problem with blind people, but I can see, so I want to know.
9. What you wearing RIGHT NOW? 

What did you call me? 

10. Fav website? 

11. Fav video on youtube for the

12. Bear or cher?

A little from column A, a little
from column B.

13. Top bunk or bottom bunk?


14. You are a professional TV expert.
Tele realité to recommend?

Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Get ready
to lipsync for your life!

15. Who should I interview next?

A politician! 

16. When can “the public” spy
on you next?

I’ve got nothing to hide, but
if I did, you’d have to be a Mossad agent to figure it out.

17. Contact you: email/facebook?

Thanks for swinging by the

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