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Boy meets boy: Big (gay) Love Steps 1 to 5

Boy sees other boy at Mormon ex-gay support group. Other Mormon boy is skittish at the sighting and trots off into the Utah wilderness.

Boy runs after other Mormon boy, after seeing each other at the ex-gay meeting (post-cruisefuck in local park).

Boys says leave me alone, we faltered together that time in the park but f’reals STEP OFF ‘cause I do not want to lead a homosexual lifestyle. (Other Mormon boy kisses boy anyway. That’s just how playas from the bible-belt roll, you dig?)

Mormon Boy pushes him off but is soon overtaken by manly homosexual lust and grasps other Mormon Boy’s face snugly and with just a touch of top energy. Long embrace ensues.

Other Mormon Boy breaks embrace and runs away once again, but not without glancing at his betrothed for one last, coquettish, look.

the end?

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