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Boy Scouts, exhibitionist lesbians and a YouTube celebrity

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YouTube celebrity comes out as bisexual 

Twenty-six-year-old YouTube star Shane Dawson, who boasts six million followers on his comedy chanel, has come out as bisexual. “Not everybody is either gay or straight,” he says. “And this is why I’m making this video, because I feel like a lot of you guys might be confused or scared, and you’re not talking to people about it, and I’m fucking here for you.”


Boy Scouts of America moves to approve gay leaders

The Boy Scouts of America executive committee has voted unanimously to approve gay adults in leadership roles. The group’s national executive still has to ratify the decision before it becomes official policy. Boy Scouts of America lifted its ban on openly gay children in 2013, but retains a ban on openly gay adults. 

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A warning from Canada: don’t let marriage go to your head 

Same-sex marriage may be a many splendoured thing, but US gay advocates should learn from Canada’s example and not let their guards down, writes Samantha Allen at The Daily Beast. Although marriage has been legal in Canada for a decade, Allen writes, other LGBT goals have been left by the wayside as a result. Activists worry that with the rush to the altar in the United States, political will to fight discrimination, health issues and stigma may dry up. 

Jamaica: 40 percent of new HIV infections among bisexual men

Forty percent of new HIV infections in Jamaica are among men who have sex with both men and women, reports the ministry of health. The ministry also reported that 1.8 per cent of all Jamaicans are infected with HIV, with some of the highest rates among men who have sex with men at 32 percent. The statistics came along with an announcement of new funds to fight infection in vulnerable groups.

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Lesbian couple told to stop kissing at Welsh food festival 

A lesbian couple were told to stop kissing by security guards and onlookers while dancing at a food festival in Cardiff, Wales. The Daily Mail chronicled the whole affair in photographs, eliciting a lively argument in the comments section: were these women victims of homophobia, or disruptive attention seekers?