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Boys boys boys

Usually I pretend UFC doesn’t exist, but this picture of Jason “Mayhem” Miller got my attention. The boy has a flare for showmanship and a taste for pink boas, and it gets him fired! Mayhem almost makes watching men give themselves brain damage appealing.

When UFC president Dana White talked to reporters about the firing he said, “He’s done. He’s not with us anymore.” Apparently his fashion statements were the last straw. “If you get embarrassed the way you did against Michael Bisping,” White continued, “and then you show up at the next fight with a pink . . . whatever that thing was — I’m not into that stuff. It’s not my thing. I don’t really care if guys do it, because you see it at weigh-ins all the time. But come on, man. Take this thing seriously. If you want to be a clown, you can do that later. Do that on your reality show."

I have no idea what the hell just happened, but I still think it’s an injustice. Mayhem’s cute! I like a boy in pink.

Speaking of cute boys, have you seen these pictures of “hot Navy guys climbing a monument covered in lard"? Yes, that’s a thing now. A very good thing.