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Boys in dresses, Zika virus and a second chance for India

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Indian Supreme Court to retry sodomy laws

Indian LGBT people have a new chance to be legal. The country’s supreme court says it will revisit sodomy laws that criminalize gay sex, after a 2013 ruling sent Indian gay people back into the closet. India has flip-flopped on the legality of gay sex, striking down sodomy laws in 2009, and then reinstating them in 2013.

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California students swap clothes to protest dress code

Students in the California city of Clovis came to school in gender-swapped clothes this week to protest the school district’s dress code. The district voted, against recommendations, to keep rules that bar boys from wearing long hair or earrings and restrict skirts and dresses to girls.

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Russian gay activist guilty of propaganda

Sergei Alekseenko, the director of a Russian LGBT support group, has been fined 100,000 rubles ($1,800 CAD), for spreading gay propaganda. A court found that posts he made on the website inappropriately spread positive information about gay relationships to minors, a crime in Russia.

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Zika virus is a sexually transmitted disease

The US Centre for Disease Control says that Zika virus, a mosquito borne illness currently sweeping through South and Central America, can also be sexually transmitted. The virus is especially dangerous in pregnant women, where it can lead to birth defects.

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Gay conversion moves to Israel

After a Jewish “gay conversion” group was shut-down in New Jersey, reports the Associated Press, it moved to Israel, where it can continue to “treat” gay teenagers in peace. Patients include Jewish teens from the US, who are sent overseas to Israeli seminaries to be treated.