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Brazil tries to set mass gay wedding record

While New York lawmakers continue to twiddle their thumbs over gay marriage, how about some happier international gay marriage news?

Forty-three same-sex couples tied the knot in Brazil in an attempt to set a new record for mass gay marriage. This is not to be confused with Mass(achusetts) gay marriage, which has been legal since 2004 and makes it very difficult to use Google to confirm if a "mass gay marriage" record exists. Even if it does, these Brazilian couples didn't technically get "married," as same-sex marriage is still not recognized in Brazil. The marriages instead mark civil unions, which did become legal in May after a ruling by the Federal Supreme Court ordered that gay couples should have access to all the rights that straight couples have.

But even that record might not stand for long. A mass gay wedding is set to take place in Baguio City, Philippines, this weekend, to celebrate Pride month. The weddings will not be recognized by the Philippine government, but they will be officiated by the Metropolitan Community Church of Metro Baguio, which does recognize same-sex marriage.

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