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Brazilian PrEP, trans soldiers and older brothers

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Police shut down Uganda film festival

Armed police officers burst into the venue of the Queer Kampala International Film Festival in Uganda’s capital on Saturday. Ugandan authorities have consistently attempted to shut down gay Pride events. [Reuters]

Brazil fights HIV with free PrEP

Amid a spike in HIV diagnoses in young people, Brazil is now offering free pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs to protect against infection. The government is paying only a tiny fraction of the cost that Canadian users have to pay for the drug. [Associated Press]

Pentagon to go ahead with trans enlistment

The US military will allow transgender people to enlist starting Jan 1, despite opposition from the Trump White House. Trump’s attempted ban on trans soldiers has suffered a number of legal setbacks. [Associated Press]

Scientists explore sibling link to sexual orientation

Canadian scientists say they are closer to understanding why men with older brothers are more likely to be gay, following a new study. [CNN]

Botswana court upholds trans rights

A judge in the conservative African nation of Botswana says the government must allow a transgender woman to change the gender on her identity documents. [Reuters]