Toronto Diary
1 min

Break out the formal leather . . .

We’re smack dab in the middle of the Toronto Bound Weekend right now, and tonight is the big night:

The Toronto Bound VIP reception is being held tonight at The Barn (418 Church St), which means a whole night of food, drinking, dancing, leather and decisions you will regret in the morning. But not me. There’s nothing I love more than seeing people make the walk of shame in full leather garb. Seeing a guy walk down Carlton St in naught but a leather vest and a jock strap at nine in the morning. Amazing.

The catered reception starts at eight, and the dance starts at 10, with no cover before midnight. And of course, all those with VIP passes get to jump to the front of the line because you’re important like that. And you get free coat check! So . . . bonus on that one.

Oh, and did we mention jockstrap-clad waiters? There will be jockstrap-clad waiters with leather ties. Jaunty. As. Fuck. Honestly, the leather ties really bring the whole thing together and give it a sort of Old Hollywood glamour, ya think? 

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