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Breaking from the script

Sexy short offers an alternative ending to conventional smut

In addition to organizing the upcoming feminist porn awards, local sex shop Good For Her has made the leap from sex toy merchants to porn producers with Sugar And Steele: All That’s Good For Her. In this short and a sexy flick a delicious business femme and a hot cowboy get it on. Or do they?

The 15-minute film, which made its big screen debut at this year’s Inside Out festival, is apparently just a taste of a full-length porn yet to come from co-directors Carlyle Jansen and cinematographer David Findlay. Renee Pilgram, listed as “post-production perv,” is credited with whipping the short into shape in time for the fest.

Starring local lovely Sugarsnaps and trans man-about-town Randy Steele, the film opens with two strangers meeting over a bag of sex toys spilled on the sidewalk outside the Harbord St sex shop.

Okay, it’s a typically farfetched porn premise, but it’s cute.

In a case of finders keepers, the duo retires to the femme’s apartment to test out the newly acquired goods. The heat starts to rise as sex goddess Sugar-snaps slowly strips out of her business drag, revealing a garter belt with G-string panties. As she moves toward her captivated cowboy we get an eyeful of bosom, which is fondled with provocative glee for the camera.

Without missing a beat, our heroine turns her attention to her accomplice’s crotch, rubbing his dick through his jeans to assure interest. He’s wearing shades and a hat but his mouth reveals his arousal as he sighs. (Throughout the film, there’s no dialogue, only gesturing and body language.)

It feels real. But the light is lacking and while we can make out what’s going on, the whole scene is rather dark. She fondles the recesses for what we assume to be there. For a moment it looked amateurishly shot.

Next comes a blowjob, with his cock escaping from unbuttoned pants. I cannot help but comment that this is no amateur job. While quick, this is a blow given by someone who clearly knows what she’s doing, starting with the condom in her mouth. This woman knows from rubber. I spy a bad dyke on the screen!

Before long the femme is up on the kitchen counter revving up an industrial-strength vibrator. In what is perhaps the tastiest sequence, Steele works a dildo in his mouth before Sugarsnaps takes the toy, lubes it up and self-inserts it in from behind while bent over the kitchen counter. Randy Steele, our hot trans man replete with piercings and great tattoos, watches her fuck herself while jerking himself off. The two come almost simultaneously as the music takes over.

I was left puzzled. It’s unusual to see porn with two people feverishly getting off by themselves in such close proximity without more physical interaction.

In the end we see the two walking arm over shoulder down the sidewalk laughing. It’s a lighthearted ending to a fluffy, fun piece.

All in all, Sugar And Steele offers up solid foreplay, substance enough to fit in the good sex category and a cheerful beginning and ending. It inspired a hand in my crotch, and that’s probably the most important sign of approval. I give it an A for effort and am holding out high hopes for the extended version of the film. This short is, after all, only a teaser. I’m good and teased.

Sugar And Steele: All That’s Good For Her is available at Good For Her (175 Harbord St) for $12. It was screened at Inside Out on May 20 as part of the Enough Man program.


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