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Breaking: Riot Grrrl, feminism not dead

First it was the 50th anniversary of the "pill" and Gloria Steinem went on some 'Merican show and made a nice joke about the femanisms. It was very nice. But what the eff was stupid Hilary Swanxx doing there? Full transcript here. (EDIT: SWANKKS PLAYED A FEMINIST ON TV ONCE. OHHHH. MAKES SENSE That's ridiculous.)

THEN, I got notice of this zine publication take-over-the-world kind of thing. Another nicie. The one with the eyes closed used to own Revolution Montreal bike shop, now known as Bikurious on Amherst.



And obvs there was the seminal womyn-power-snl-takeovah. I'm fucking happy we're bringing the ANGRY back. (And also, this rumour about a gay lady being placed into the Supreme Court??)

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