Carrie Prejean
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Now that I've got your attention, as the old joke goes, here's NY gossip columnist Michael Musto and newsman Keith Olbermann having savage fun with Miss USA contestant and "opposite marriage" advocate Carrie Prejean:

Looking for something more pec-tacular?  "X:Men Origins: Wolverine" opens in theatres today. We're not sure if the movie's actually any good but the combo of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schrieber, Taylor Kitsch and Dominic Monaghan will ensure no shortage of eye candy. Throw in an exploding helicopter and you've got my twelve bucks:

But speaking of boobs, who in the Obama White House was responsible for replacing the gay rights policies on the official website with a watered-down version? Especially when every poll right now is in our favour?  This myopic move is only giving Yankee gays a bad, bad reminder of Bill Clinton's overall uselessness towards our community. Smarten up, Obama!