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Brendon Ayanbadejo goes nude for marriage equality

Brendon Ayanbadejo has long been an LGBT ally and was one of the first professional athletes to come out in support of gay players and marriage equality. It was really only a matter of time until Ayanbadejo posed for a NOH8, so when the time finally came, he went all in by posing nude and — and you’re not even reading this because you jumped straight to the nudity. No one’s ever going to see this. Turtle farts. See? No one even noticed that.

All right, fine. Let’s get to it.

The NOH8 Campaign posted the above photo to Twitter along with the caption, “A real man supports equality.” — Three-time Pro Bowler & Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo (@Brendon310) for #NOH8."

One of the reasons usually put forth for the systemic homophobia in professional sports is that locker-room culture is hyper-masculine, and to them, anything not straight and male is borderline treason. So I’m happy to see someone calling out “real men” for being narrow-minded and selfish, and — you’re still ogling the nudity, aren’t you? No, it’s cool. I get it.