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Brexit, Bermuda and our first gay bar

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Brexit bad news for LGBT people

Britain’s referendum decision to leave the European Union may erode LGBT rights, says The Washington Post. European regulators have pushed equality in the UK, and a withdrawal may threaten key antidiscrimination laws.

Bermuda says no to marriage equality

Bermudians voted two-to-one on Thursday to reject same-sex marriage, although not enough showed up to vote to make the referendum binding. Bermuda is a British overseas territory with a population of only 65,000.

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Their first gay bar

As a testament to the importance of gay spaces in the wake of the Orlando shooting, gay people across the world have shared their first experience in a gay bar. At the New York Times, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Larry Kramer and more share their stories.

Oregon DMV can’t issue non-binary licence

After an Oregon judge ordered that 52-year-old Jamie Shupe could become the country’s first legally non-binary person, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles says it may take years before it can issue them a licence. The department says it has no process to deal with someone who is neither male nor female.

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Switzerland to soften gay blood ban

Switzerland will join a growing number of countries that permit gay men to donate blood, after a period of abstinence. The Swiss Red Cross wants new rules based on sexual risk rather than orientation, but gay men will still have to be celibate 12 months before donating.

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