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Briefs for your mind

 yeah, we're doing this.


REVEL, READ: Jane's Walks in Montreal this past weekend.

BE APPALLED: George Rekers, an anti-gay activist and executive in an ex-gay Christian organization, was caught hiring a male sex worker to accompany him on a trip to Europe.

READ: Add Gay Spirit to Taste, Then Stir: Leslie Jordan's new play on NYTIMES

SURVEY: There's no sch thing as overshare! Fellow queer writer Andrea Zanin wants your thoughts on oral sex, or cunning linguist seeks words…  

EAT ME: Orange Aioli With Grains and Roasted Beets

REJOICE, READ: The newest No More Potlucks is out, free and online for a limted time. Also, Elisha Lim's The Illustrated Gentleman.

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