Coming Out
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British cricketer comes out, credits Gareth Thomas

Another top British athlete has come out of the closet.

Steve Davies, 24, an English cricketer who competes at an international level, came out in a Feb 27 interview with The Daily Telegraph, saying "it is right to be out in the open."

Davies credits his decision to publicly disclose his sexual orientation to Gareth Thomas, a Welsh rugby player who came out two years ago. Thomas’s story attracted Hollywood heavyweight Mickey Rourke, who will portray Thomas in a film about his life and struggles as a once-closeted gay man.

Before Thomas, Davies says, “there was no one to look up to.” He added, “I have got nothing to hide and I am ready to tell people… I feel it is right to be out in the open about my sexuality.”

Being out is still rare in professional sport. In Canada, activists put the spotlight on gays in sport during the Olympics. Meanwhile, the Outgames are coming to Vancouver this year.

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