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New Britney Spears video, in which she dances with sharks, is released

Britney’s not-so-dancey new video. Ben Mor

Quick! Think of hard work. What's the first thing that pops into your head? Was it dancing on a podium, surrounded by sharks? No? Well prepare to have your mind blown.

Weeks after the release of “Work, Bitch,” the unofficial theme song for Breaking Bad, Britney Spears has come out with the video for her track.

And ho boy, the video. People are saying this is an exciting time to be a Britney Spears fan, because this is her first video in a long time where she looks . . . well, not like she hates her life. She looks like she's having fun. Much like her interview when announcing her Vegas residency, she looks engaged and even ecstatic to be doing something other than a Starbucks run.

Granted, this isn't “Slave 4 U,” but Britney is looking on point. The dancing is what we're slowly coming to accept: against the wall, on the floor, lots of arm movement and hair flips, and quick camera cuts to cleverly disguise that her background dancers are killing it in comparison. And oh, the dancers; the poor dancers are abused. They get whipped, pushed around and one has a stereo in her mouth because that's what kids are doing these days.

All said, Britney looks great. Who knows if it's the fresh weave or fantastic costuming, but for a woman who's had two children, she is looking phenomenal. One can only assume that, with her two-year Planet Hollywood stay looming on the horizon, she took her own advice: she worked. Bitch.