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Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson on life in NYC

In the latest issue of fab magazine, Matt Thomas talks with Broadway, film and television star Cheyenne
Jackson about making it big in New York without
keeping it straight. An excerpt from that piece:

"The way I came to know about theatre was through yard sales. I
was always going to them and buying cast albums for shows like Annie.
I wanted to be the first boy to play Annie, that was my
dream,” recalls 34-year-old triple threat Cheyenne Jackson, flashing
a dashing smile. Since moving to New York eight years ago, Jackson
has carved out a career that rivals those of the show business icons
he grew up admiring. His classic good looks, crooner’s baritone
and leading-man screen presence have made him a casting agent’s
wet dream — an achievement he never dreamed possible as a choirboy
in northern Idaho….

Jackson waited until he was 19 to come out to his religious family,
including his brother, a preacher once featured on the 700 Club.
He describes the process as “terrible” and notes it included a suggestion
he enroll in an ex-gay program.

"The idea of the ex-gay movement as a philosophy is one thing, but
the comedic side of me thinks 20 guys staying in cabins in the woods,
all trying not to be gay…. That’s a Sean Cody movie,” jokes Jackson. (read the full interview at

Look behind the scenes of the cover shoot (photographed by Mike Ruiz), and watch Jackson dish about his favourite things to do in NYC: 

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