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Brokeback Ricky or Atheist Andy or…

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – The US parod . . . uh . . . presidential
field is heating up, kiddies.


What's your flavour? "God-fearing vagina penetrators with
special a-hole privileges?"


What I don't get is why Governor Perry is wearing a jacket from
the Brokeback set. Is he subliminally signalling to queer folk through sartorial selection? "Psst, don't take this ad seriously. I'm on your side
(so to speak). Just trying to cover my . . . uh . . . ass with the evangelical

Then there's gay-friendly, "godless heathens" who didn't
get us into wars overseas or trigger the global meltdown or "turn your
mortgage into toilet paper":


 And then they are the other contenders, like Animated A-hole:





 And Rabbi Jason Miller:


Here's the FYI on how these candidates are polling so far:

Andy: 35,643 likes, 1,221 dislikes.

Animated A-Hole: 197 likes, 7 dislikes.

Rabbi Jason Miller: 2,257 likes, 38 dislikes.

And, Perry himself: 13,191 likes, 499,733 dislikes.


 You decide.

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