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Brothers Sam and Tom Burgess fight homophobia in rugby

Is it any coincidence that rugby is simultaneously one of the toughest sports AND one of the most gay-friendly sports out there? Maybe it’s the fact that throwing yourself against hoards of tank-sized people, without padding, helps put the whole homophobia thing into perspective. Maybe it’s the fact that the league is filled with beefcake.

Either way, it’s a great sport to play if you’re gay. And if you need further proof, take a look at the new video from Out On The Fields, the anti-homophobia campaign created by The Bingham Cup. To promote LGBT inclusiveness in rugby, Out On The Fields called in Sam and Tom Burgess to . . . to talk about . . . something. Sorry, my mind wandered. What were we talking about?

But in all seriousness, Out On The Fields is an international study on homophobia in sports, and you can help them out by going to their website, taking their survey, and letting them know your story. Your experiences can help them learn more about making rugby an even more welcoming sport.

What, you need more incentive? Fine. Run a Google image search on The Burgess Brothers. I’ll wait . . . There, see? Drop dead gorgeous and they support equal representation in their rugby league. The least you can do to thank them is do a quick ten minute survey.