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Buck Angel: Aural to oral

'Listen to the feeling in your body'

Female-to-male pornstar Buck Angel, scheduled to star at Northbound Leather’s fetish party Switch on Oct 20, is having car troubles in Yucatan, Mexico. It’s been wet there, which has fucked up the vehicle’s engine; then there’s dealing with insurance people.

“If that’s the extent of stress in life, I’m good,” says the dude with a pussy over the crackling of a bad phone connection.

After all Angel’s career producing and starring in such titles as Buckback Mountain, Buck Off and V is for Vagina is skyrocketing. He’s also no longer burdened with living in the United States, where, up until a year-and-a-half ago, home base had been New Orleans.

“I was so sick of living there,” he says. “I wanted to leave before Katrina, but that did it. The porn laws are out of control in the States, the government is out of control.”

These days, in his line of work, Angel can be pretty much based anywhere. “I travel to make my movies and as long as I have the internet, where so much of my business is based, I’m set.

“People don’t take chances,” he adds. “Everyone up there keeps saying how much they hate the States, but still they stay there. I hate to be all New Agey but it’s all about those energies and where you are supposed to be at. If you listen to the feeling in your body and just trust it, things always turn out right.”

Angel would know. Once a woman so beautiful he modelled in Europe for years, Angel was at the same time, like many transsexual people, feeling he was in the wrong shell. It made him so desperate he was suicidal.

“My soul did not match my physical being,” he says. “It’s really difficult to explain to people who can’t imagine being in that situation.”

Before transitioning Angel experimented as a lesbian, failed, and began down a self-destructive path of drugs and alcohol until the day came when he decided enough was enough.

“I knew I was a guy,” he says, “but back then transsexual stuff wasn’t talked about, especially female to male. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, other than I felt like a man. When I told people those things they told me I was out of my fucking mind.”

That was 15 years ago. Buck transitioned anyway, losing friends in the process, and went without the support of family until they saw the huge positive change in him once he’d become a man.

He doesn’t regret keeping his vagina. “I don’t care for the surgery,” he says. “I know we’re told that you have to have a cock to be a man but the surgery sucks. It is really harsh, it costs between $50,000 and $75,000, and even then your new cock doesn’t function the way your cock would function.”

The rest, however, is all man: facial hair, muscled arms and pecs and tatts. “I really am a self-made man,” he says. “This is who I wanted to be. It hasn’t been an easy process. I have to go to the gym at least five days a week for one and a half hours a day. I’m very hard core about what I do. I have to really work it. It’s also part of my career and I know that.”

He’s excited about coming to Toronto for the first time. “The perception out there is that Toronto has a really big transsexual movement, bigger than San Francisco and New York.”

As for a hint of what to expect when he takes to the stage at Northbound Leather’s party, Angel divulges little.

“Mainly because we’re still figuring that out,” he says. “The laws in Canada tend to be harsh, like in the US. That’s why I go to Europe and do many of my shows. In Europe I do a hard-core straight-on fucking show with masturbation, fisting. There’s a self-fisting guy I work with. I fist him and fuck him with a double-ended dildo and then we fuck together. We do pretty nasty stuff. I sold out in London and they are dying to have me back. I actually head straight there right after Toronto.

“But here we’re gonna try and do as hard core as we can.”